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Advanced Power Washing is a family owned and operated business and is fully insured.

As a licensed certified contractor for over 20 years, Owner Kenny Rear found that a quality exterior construction project started and ended with a thorough exterior cleaning of a client's home. Customers came to realize that power washing maintenance was money well spent. We have many satisfied customers and would like to have the opportunity to add you as a new customer, so give us a call today!

What are the Differences?

Pressure Cleaning

Do you think your roof or your house was designed to be washed at 3000 to 5000 pounds of pressure?  I will help you with that, the answer is NO! Pressure washing roofs with high pressure reduces the life span of a roof drastically. Damage to a shingle roof is irreversible. If you never address the mildew and growth and just blast the roof clean, it WILL grow back and need cleaning again even faster. Pressure washing has it's place, and as a washing contractor, I use pressure when it is required and safe to do so.  

Soft Wash / Low-Pressure Cleaning

Soft wash uses low pressure equipment to apply biodegrade solutions to easily and safely clean your home. Soft wash will clean your roof, siding, composite decks, wood decks, vinyl fences, stucco, concrete and paint along with removing mold, dirt, stains & all growth.  All this without using damaging high pressure


Soft wash, when using proper methods, is much more Eco-friendly than high pressure washing.  Water usage is drastically reduced which allows for less equipment run time and minimizes run-off. Biodegradable detergents can be used in the solution mixes depending on the surface to be cleaned. In addition, soft wash cuts down on the destruction caused by high pressure cleaning which in turn reduces the use of building materials and waste.

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